Director’s Message

Dear Students,

Welcome to INSTITUTE OF INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT AND ENGINEERING (IIME). We are extremely proud of our ongoing tradition of excellence in imparting Fast Track Distance Learning Management Education in India. Today, we help the students excel consistently results and this substantiates our legacy of quality as well as persistence in business and management education.

The INSTITUTE OF INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT AND ENGINEERING (IIME) provides students with the skills and knowledge that allow them to succeed in today s global business environment. The institute is committed to fostering professional development by integrating rigorous institutional excellence with exposure to real business experiences. The approach of the institute has always been to carve out competent professional skills in its students which are needed for being successful managers and entrepreneurs of tomorrow. We undertake to achieve our mission under the guidance of a faculty committed to excellence in Research, continuous improvement in curriculum and educational practices, and imparting relevant courses for a dynamic and global business environment.

We welcome you to discover for yourself the features that make INSTITUTE OF INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT AND ENGINEERING (IIME) a fountainhead of managerial talents. We pride ourselves in enabling our students with knowledge and skills that empowers them to excel. As institutional and industrial input is an essential part of our curriculum, it makes me fully confident of helping you add value to your organization and prove your worth. Each student is groomed and made to realize the importance of a manager in today s economy and to the nation. I heartily wish all the best to the students pursuing their studies from INSTITUTE OF INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT AND ENGINEERING (IIME) for the great future ahead of them in their professional career.

Regards, Director